Let it snow and other stories …

Well the weather has well and truly changed and it is very chilly! We have switched up to our winter garb and it is mitts on at all times and the snow boots were out at the weekend. We had a great time heading up to the deeper snow, it’s exciting that we are so close to the mountains and that we can get out for some lovely walks in the stunning scenery.


Up at the Zugerberg mountain at the weekend


One excited child on his first snow outing of the season!

It is so lovely to see the outdoor ice rinks opening and our very own small adult headed out for the first time last weekend, this is a surprisingly (for Switzerland) reasonably priced pastime and it is 8 CHF for as long as you want on the rink (4 CHF if you bring your own skates). It seems to make the darker evenings more bearable when you have a snow capped backdrop.

The outdoor ice rinks are open – mitts at the ready!

This weekend also marks the start of the Christmas markets or Weihnachtsmarkt. I am very much looking forward to trawling round several over the festive period taking in the smells and sampling some of the gluhwein and wurst! We have some lovely people visiting us for the next few weekends, so everyone needs to be prepared for  visiting markets at every turn! I think that Basel, Zurich and Luzern will be on my list.


Stunning Luzern ready for Christmas


Luzern Christmas markets – can you smell the gluhwein?

We are also preparing for school Christmas concerts aplenty from choir to brass etc and Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat it’  (that well known Christmas jingle)is being practised with great gusto, aided by a trumpet silencer (small cone that you stick in the end) – why have I only just found out that they exist? which makes the practice bearable in an apartment!

So the question that I have been asking myself this week, and yet another that I thought would never cross my mind is, should I get a shopping trolley? (yes I know) and I don’t mean an old fashioned square tartan one, but a (sort of) modernish one. It would certainly make it easier on my arms and I would promise not to use it in front of the children (joking) I am seeing more and more people using them and it is certainly appealing – the jury is still out and I would welcome any feedback.



You have to admit they are practical – yes I did say that out loud


Could this be me popping out for my bread and milk?


So when I’ve not been scanning the back pages of the Sunday supplements for practical clothing and gadgets for the middle aged  (this is in jest, it has not got that bad yet) what else have I been up too?


What I’m reading: Several books on the go at the moment, my book club book this month is Hausfrau by Jill Alexander-Essbaum, by the blurb it sounds as if it is going to be quite a racy read, it’s about a Swiss Housewife (Hausfrau) living in a Zurich suburb who embarks on all sorts of risqué shenanigans – I feel this one will raise an eyebrow and a laugh at bookclub!

Given the excitement over  Murder on the Orient Express, I am re-reading Halloween Party  by Agatha Christie, with the  invincible, moustached Belgium sleuth, Hercule Poirot

What I have discovered:  I have been binge watching How to get away with murder! I happened upon it by chance and thought I would give it a go, with 96% on rotten tomatoes I also thought that it would be worth a shot! I quickly got obsessed and now I am at the end of season 2. Give it a go, again some of it is quite saucy (it also claims to be a 12, this I find hard to believe).

A trip back down memory lane: There is a new programme on CBBC at the moment called Creeped Out and it is indeed creepy. It got me thinking of things that creeped me out on the TV when I was growing up. There were several things that did, and I do love a good horror now. When listing them all it became apparent that it seems to be theme music that I found the most unsettling. I would love to hear what you think about my choices. I have linked where I can to youtube so you can have a look for yourself.



Timothy Claypole – that cheeky joking jester!

The Mr Claypole laugh right at the end of the end credits, it was very creepy, but I used to listen out for it! I loved Rentaghost, up until they introduced the pantomime horse and then it quite frankly went downhill.


Armchair Thriller


Who remembers the story of the faceless nun?

So having had a look at this, I realised that it was pretty naff, but when I was about 6 or 7 it was super creepy, the shadow of the person walking towards the chair looked so jerky and odd it is laughable now, but it was the 1970s so all is forgiven.


PD James – Shroud for a Nightingale 

Urrghhhh creepy as theme music!

Blimey! The thought of this theme music sends a shiver down my spine even now just thinking about it.  These were the tales of detective Adam Dalgleish, this particular tale was about a murderer on the loose in a nurses home. I know that friends felt the same and out of the whole series, this is the one tale that sticks out the most.


Tales of the unexpected

Was it intended to be super creepy?

The opening title music with the dancing ladies, I used to hide under the bed covers when I heard the music starting and shout down to ask my mum to close the living room door so I couldn’t hear it.


The Enchanted Castle

Ugly wuglies!

The Enchanted Castle by E Nesbit televised by the BBC.  One episode left an impression on me, children living in a castle (an enchanted one at that) decide to put on a show and make an audience out of old clothes stuffed with newspapers and with paper plates as faces. Half way through the programme the audience comes to life and they turn in to the ugly wuglies! I also think that the stone animals in the garden did too (but I might be remembering it incorrectly) whatever, it was super creepy! I couldn’t find a clip of this one, but the pic speaks for itself.


So that’s me for another week, I will be back with more Christmassey themed post next time

Thanks for reading


Sarah-Jane xx


  1. You absolutely do need that trolley- it’s part of the Swiss make-up, and environmentally friendly!
    Next? An electric bike!


  2. Ooh, love the Christmas feel of this post – it’s so beautiful. A trolley (a cool one) seems like a good idea and when in Zug…

    Ernie’s ghostly milk crates used to scare me, but having re-visited the Benny Hill hit recently I think I must have been an easily scared child (probably my sister’s fault!)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Reading your blog made me want to get my skates out. I bought them when we lived in Holland as it is legal requirement to have skates over there 🙂


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