Getting out there, and other stories

Well I’ve had a busy, busy week, half way through our third week here, the weather is still glorious, but a tad humid and I spend my afternoons seeking shade looking like a sweaty mess with my hair plastered to my forehead – attractive, nice and a great way to look when meeting new people.

The orientation for school continues, and I plucked up the courage to go to a parents society get together ( it was in the morning so well in the temperature zone that I am comfortable with, had it been in the afternoon, I might have had to have a rethink, turning up looking as if I had swum there would not have been ideal #sheen) anyway, going on my own to something where I know no one is a big deal and I must admit I did toy with the idea of not going, you get to an age when you are not totally comfortable putting yourself out there and the thought of sitting on the sofa watching an old episode of Heartbeat was the much easier option. But I went, 20 mins in as I stood next to a water cooler on my own I thought I had made a mistake, the place was packed, and it seemed to be full of people who already knew each other. I was on the verge of leaving, when I spotted someone I recognised, so went for it and plonked myself down and started chatting, they were pleased of the company and we talked about these things being so hard to do alone, it wasn’t long before we were chatting to lots of other people and I was relieved that I had gone along. It won’t be the last time that I feel like that, but I know that perseverance is key. I really admire how the children have adjusted to and thrown themselves in to new schools where they know no one – does it get harder as we get older, do we become more self-conscious? yep probably, but you just need to give yourself a kick up the bum and get on with it, otherwise in 2 years time I’ll still be the tit stood next to the water cooler. I’ve joined a couple of groups to get out more and meet new people, but alas there was no book group, so that is still on my list of things to find.

This weekend we discovered what could become a fav weekend activity, well in the Summer anyway, the Swiss Badi, which is basically swimming in a lake (you can’t move for lakes here) but it is more than that, they are like resorts, part of the lake is roped off making it safer for family swimming, there are usually diving boards and a small pool for younger children and changing facilities, a lovely seating/picnic area and get this, it’s all free!!!! There is a snack bar, where you can buy drinks and hot and cold food and also sun lounger hire etc, but you can bring your own food and not have to pay a penny. We spent a great couple of hours on Sunday afternoon there, children swimming and the grown ups drinking coffee and relaxing in the sun (under shade).

Badi – lake swimming at its best.
badi diving
Eat your heart out Tom Daley

Also at the weekend as I pushed my trolley round the supermarket on Saturday afternoon, when everyone else in a 100 mile radius was also doing their shopping with an average of 12 family members each, I mourned the loss of Ocado, I hate, hate food shopping, especially when I don’t know and can’t remember where anything is, I was back and forth like something from Supermarket sweep (without the perma mahogany Dale Winton). The shops close here at 5 pm on Saturday and don’t open again until Monday. We are so used to getting everything ‘on demand’ in the UK and  this is something that I am going to have to get used to – (no Amazon Prime – yikes), I do actually like  the idea, it’s like being back in the mid 80s (where my head is usually anyway) and some shops even also close for lunch.  I need to be more organised and not leave it to 2 pm on a Saturday afternoon, well if I want to remain sane anyway!

supermarkt sweep
Supermarket weep (and that’s not a typo)

I also need to pull my finger out and start driving here – I am very nervous and the longer I leave it the harder it will be, just a case of going for it, we do have a Swiss car, so everything is on the side it should be – not sure my beloved in the best person to trial my Swiss driving skills on, so perhaps I will research a refresher course, or just bite the bullet and go out on my own … watch this space. Busses are amazing here though so there is a train of thought that I should do my bit for the environment and take the bus instead – but that’s just me making excuses, and I am just a coward, I will regret not doing it when it gets to be bitterly cold in the Winter.

So that’s my week so far, but what else have I been up to when not hanging round lakes and imposing myself on other newbies?

What I’m reading: Still reading Eureka, not had that much time to read this last week.

What I’m dipping in to:  I can’t believe you just said that, The truth about why people are So rude, by Danny Wallace laugh out loud funny- again different chapters relate to different topics so an ideal book at bedtime dipper.

Danny Wallace book
They said what????

What I’m watching:  Getting a bit of a habit for watching the Channel 5 afternoon film, yes this has got to stop, they are slightly addictive, and the odd famous face does pop up from time to time; you only need to keep half an eye and a quarter of a brain cell on the plot but there is something mesmeric about them, there is always generally a strong woman character, (so at least they do have something there) a murder, someone wrongly accused of something blah, blah, blah, you get the picture.

What I have discovered: Ovaltine chocolate  or Ovomaltine as it is known here– sublime, delicious (I think that it’s similar to Champagne if it is not made in this region then it is not bona fide) unfortunately not on the slimming world list of ‘yep stuff your face with it’ foods so I am having to be super restrained.

A taste sensation

A trip back down memory lane; so my 80s  (but this does also go back to the 1970s too) spot this week goes to Sarah-Jane Smith and the inspiration for my blog name – Dr Who’s clever assistant during the 1970s and then again with K9 in the 1980s– I wanted to be her and having the same name only encouraged by idolisation! I also loved watching Sarah-Jane Adventures with the children when they were younger. A tribute to the much missed and amazing Elisabeth Sladen. Sonic lipsticks forever!

sarahjane smith
I know she’s been stood next to that water cooler for years ….

So that’s all my ramblings for this week, thanks for reading

Sarah-Jane xx

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  1. Well done Sarah, not sure I’d be brave enough to start again. It was much easier for me to make friends having babies and toddlers and all that goes with them. The lakes sound divine xxx


  2. Great reading , glad your settling in ok. Hope you take the plunge and set the swiss roads alight , I am just about confident in Spain in fact I get a bit disoriented when we come home xxx


  3. Love the newest entry, Sarah. I just got into the newest series of Dr. Who and am majorly addicted. You are such a sweetheart and would fit into any new situation you encounter. Hugs. Xo


  4. Loved your post Sarah-Jane, I know you will be all settled in with an assortment of new chums very soon! The photo of O-voma-ltine wasn’t persuading me of its loveliness though…, I think I will have to come and sample some!
    Will check out the rude book and recommend your next dip is Sara Pascoe’s Animal.
    Looking forwards to all your tales of funny / crazy / bizarre incidents and coincidences and definitely more weird food stuff! Huge hugs for you and the family x


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